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ScriptModule entry added for 35 is incorrect version

first post: dmcweeney wrote: Hi,Great tool.One thing I noticed is that the version specified on ...

Requires site collection at http://servername

first post: hotchill wrote: Thanks for a great tool that saves me time. I needed to create a si...

An odd Error

first post: dlkopp wrote: I must have screwed up the web.config files, strucuter. At this po...

Open source?

first post: drhender wrote: Could you be persuaded to release the source code for this project?

latest post: richfinn wrote: Done :)

Doesn't this work for WSS sites as well...

first post: noesgard wrote: if proper service packs has been applied?

latest post: richfinn wrote: Yes it does

Missing an entry in web.config

first post: tfs2008user wrote: The tool is very useful. Thanks for your efforts. I followed your ...

latest post: icodesometimes wrote: Hi, can you please check the bug fix, or it might be a related new ...

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